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Hey Buddy. My name is Tony. Here’s a little about me. I’m a student of psychology, a bibliophile and a fountain pen enthusiast. I’ve been blogging on and off for five years under various pseudonyms. I have decided to now blog under my own name for a few reasons. When blogging under pseudonyms, I found myself kinda stuck into niche blogging, which is not the kind of blogging I want to do. I also think that blogging under my own name will keep me more accountable personally on the type of content I post, since I’m not hidden by anonymity. It feels good to be up front and honest about who I am and what I stand for. 

I like to use characters in my writing, I’ll introduce them to you here. The first character is Norm. He is your average everyday guy with common sense opinions.

About Me 2

He puts on his 20 dollar pants one leg at a time, works a normal 9-5 job and has plain and obvious opinions

About Me 3

about pretty much every issue. The next character is a lover of science, his name is the Evil Lotion. He is a sentient bottle of lotion that seeks to moisturize pseudoscience.

The next character is The True Scotsman. He deals in logical fallacies and will call them out, especially when

About Me 4

someone uses the No True Scotsman fallacy. Just imagine the beautiful sound of bagpipes coming in as someone says someone really isn’t a true X because they’re bad.

The last characters are similar but carry different ideas. The exact opposite exactly. We have Paula, the politically correct primate. She is a very warm, inviting and friendly primate who thinks we should always consider the feelings of

About Me 5

everyone around us. On the other hand, her brother Paul sees things differently. He thinks that truth is more important than how someone may feel and sometimes he gets joy about upsetting people with the things he says

About Me 6

He enjoys being politically incorrect, while his sister Paula prefers being politically correct.


Those are the characters thus far, as I add more they will appear here. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing this blog. 🙂 




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